One day to go........

By Chay Thornhill posted 10 days ago

Hi all, 

Wow, where did the first half of this year go? It's starting to feel like we will actually be able to meet our customers very soon, September maybe for EMEA.
I for one, just cannot wait to get our there again, and really meet with colleagues which I've never met, and customers and partners which we've not met properly for nearly 18 months now.
Zoom/Teams has been great, but you cannot convince me that for certain meetings that a better outcome would have been achieved in a Face-to-Face setup.

Anyway, back to the fact it's one-day before our 2nd Data Company Conference. If it's half as good as last year's event then we are in for a real treat.
I'm really looking forward to manning the booth titled 'Rearchitecting, Rebuilding, or Replacing: What’s Your Modernization Approach?'
Explaining to customers and prospects how Delphix is uniquely and perfectly positioned to accelerate their approaches, whether it's being more agile with your Mainframe applications, bringing their release cadence into line with some of the modern mobile apps or simply driving digital transformation for any legacy application. Especially when teams are hampered by increasing and complex regulatory requirements alongside data becoming heavier and unwieldily as ever.

There are some fantastic keynotes and customer presentations in the agenda, and hopefully I will be able to see some of the content, as there is nothing better than learning how  our customers are using Delphix for the positive, plus with the sustainability theme of the conference, I can't wait to hear about what are customers are doing to innovate.

The excitement is building, and the event is looking at being busier than ever.
........oh, and if you've not registered's the link

Enjoy everyone, and look forward to seeing you at the booth!