Linking Striped Sybase Backups under Different Directories

By Jatinder Luthra posted 4 days ago

Delphix supports striped backups for Sybase. For a source database with striped backups present under the same location or same base directory, we can specify the base path and list all stripes under Backup Files, during dSource creation.


In some situations, customers have striped backups for a Sybase source database with the same name for each stripe under different directories something similar as below-


Symbolic links can be used to handle this situation.
Create a backup directory and point each file under this directory with a different name

mkdir /home/delphix/backup_testdb

ln -s /DUMP1/SYB/testdb.dmp /home/delphix/backup_testdb/stripe1.dmp
ln -s /DUMP2/SYB/testdb.dmp /home/delphix/backup_testdb/stripe2.dmp
ln -s /DUMP3/SYB/testdb.dmp /home/delphix/backup_testdb/stripe3.dmp
ln -s /DUMP4/SYB/testdb.dmp /home/delphix/backup_testdb/stripe4.dmp
ln -s /DUMP5/SYB/testdb.dmp /home/delphix/backup_testdb/stripe5.dmp

This approach will help to create a dSource from a source database which has striped backups under different base directories.