Introducing the Delphix DataOps Advocacy Program

By Michael Torok posted 06-11-2020 09:00:00 AM


Let me start by being completely honest: there are a lot of advocacy programs out there. There are a lot of advocacy programs that are completely centered on you doing something for the company for which you are the advocate. This was not the vision we had. Actually, we want to spin that on its head and focus on being your advocate. This is not about Delphix, it is about you.

You are the DataOps movement. You are the person who saves the day in the dead of night while the people who depend on you are fast asleep. You are the one that test the failover of your servers, including your database servers, and ensures there is no corruption. You are the one that brings back the entire database after finding and correcting a single data record corruption. We are your amp. Right now, you are playing acoustic guitar in a loud, busy café, and we know how good you are. We want to plug you into a Marshall stack.

So, how are we looking to do that? We want to amplify your successes. When you share your successes with us, we want to shout your name out on the front page of the community, put a badge on your profile and a ribbon on your posts, make sure people know you are a DataOps Advocate. We’re starting small, with a handful of challenges, but the focus is on getting your voice out in front of the worldwide DataOps community. We will retweet you. We will tweet links to your blogs in the community. We will share your successes on LinkedIn. Most of all, we want you to share your successes with us so that we can get you the recognition you deserve.

Please take a look at our program homepage and join. Then, when you realize you’ve already done some of the challenges, simply let us know. It’s easy. There is literally a “Tell Us About It” link. If we have any questions, we’ll reach out.

Thank you for all you do!