What is Landshark DE (LSDE)?

By Adam Bowen posted 10-09-2014 11:02:06 AM

Landshark DE (Developer Edition) is a Delphix Environment that consists of three VM's: a Delphix Engine and two Linux (CentOS 6.5) Virtual Machines to act as a source and target. 

As of Version 1.5.5, the Delphix Engine comes pre-populated with a PostGreSQL Source, an Oracle Database Source, and an Apache application source. The Linux Target and Source come pre-configured to operate seamlessly with Delphix with just the execution of a simple script after you have deployed the virtual machines.

This means that you can get right into the action of provisioning virtual applications and databases with Delphix, without first becoming an expert on configuration and setup.

The Delphix Engine is fully functional for 90 days. That means that you can put Delphix into your lab and add your own sources and experiment with your own use cases!

Our goal is to enable you to quickly realize how powerful and easy it is to have Data on Demand with Delphix.