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dx_ctl_db fails to disable running VDB

  • 1.  dx_ctl_db fails to disable running VDB

    Posted 10-16-2019 01:00:00 PM
    When I try to disable running VDB using dx_ctl_db, it fails with error : VDB is already disabled, however the VDB is still in running state. This command is not able to recognize the correct status of VDB.
    Please check how this can be fixed, or any workaround?

    $ /home/delphix/dxtoolkit2_874/dx_ctl_db -d csslu874 -type vdb -action disable -host cundev730 -name hlbdev4
    Database hlbdev4 is already disabled.

    Below output represents the VDB is still running,

    ./dx_get_db_env -d csslu874 -name hlbdev4./dx_get_db_env -d csslu874 -name hlbdev4
    Appliance            Hostname             Database                       Group           Type     SourceDB                       Parent snapshot                     Used(GB)   Status     Enabled    Unique Name                    Parent time        -------------------- -------------------- ------------------------------ --------------- -------- ------------------------------ ----------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ------------------------------ -----------------------------------csslu874             cundev730            hlbdev4                        LBHR            VDB      hlbunprd                       2019-05-09 06:44:08 PDT             2.73       RUNNING    disabled   hlbdev4                        N/A

    Sushil Krishn
    Oracle DBA

  • 2.  RE: dx_ctl_db fails to disable running VDB

    Posted 10-18-2019 10:31:00 AM
    Hi Sushil,

    One workaround is to use the flag "-force onfailure" to get the action forced if the soft operation fails.

    But, could you run before the same command you have used with the "-debug" option to try clarifying the heart of the issue.

    Can you please confirm the version of your engine ?



    Mouhssine SAIDI
    Community Member
    Delphix Community Members