Using JetStream with EBS made simple.

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  • 1.  Using JetStream with EBS made simple.

    Posted 05-27-2016 05:12:00 PM
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    By using EBS with JetStream you give more control to developers over their data, and its easy for you to monitor and administrate!

    To create a JetStream Data template for EBS do the following:
    Create a Jet Stream data template by following the procedure outlined in Understanding Jet Stream Data Templates.

    1. For EBS, the data template will have three data sources: the dbTechStack, database and appsTier.

    2. Be sure to set the following ordering of the data sources when creating the data template. This ordering will ensure that Jet Stream operations do not violate the EBS dataset dependencies.

    1 dbTechStack
    2 Database
    3 appsTier

    Once you have created a Jet Stream data template, you can configure Jet Stream data containers to manage virtual EBS instances. Jet Stream data containers will follow the ordering of data sources configured in the template. All Jet Stream operations should works as expected for virtual EBS instances.