PartnerFirst -  Dash4Partner Training Program

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    PartnerFirst -  Dash4Partner Training Program

    In the past year, the Delphix education and enablement team has expanded the Delphix PartnerFirst Program to help technology leaders, global systems integrators, and channel partners bring the most value to our customers. To support this initiative, we’ve focused efforts across the company to provide the best learning experience for this community through a Delphix-branded Dash for Partners training program.

    Simply put, Dash for Partners is a training program focused on enablement between Delphix and our partners to expand opportunities, penetrate markets, and capitalize on industry trends. We provide support with a robust curriculum for our partners who engage our customers in the sales, delivery and support journey. Our goal is to build a partner training program of excellence by leveraging an opportunity readiness education ecosystem.

    Dash4Partners By the Numbers

    To date we have enrolled 1142 partner learners who have begun 821 learning experiences and completed 514 of these learning experiences. The popularity of our program includes recognizing more than 500 certifications in white, purple, or black belts. Our team integrates blended learning strategies to incorporate how our learners learn best. 

    Channel Program

    We offer the Channel partner program in 4 tracks with competency and mastery belts in sales, presales, deployment, and support. Additionally, we deliver Instructor-Led Training with cross-functional help from our field services and partner teams who leaned on our integrated eLearning, online labs, and one-stop portals to allow for better self-help driven resources. 

    Channel Partners that have moved the needle in their own enablement with this program include Trace 3 Inc, T2M - Test to Market Ltda, Intrasystems LLC, eWave, 9th Bit, and Data Technology. 

    To learn more about the Dash4Partners Training curriculum, click here  

    System Integrator Program

    Our enablement team has also developed a 30-day express readiness program to quickly onboard users into the education programming, and the express track is synced with recognition belts and certification mastery levels.  Users move through express tracks and, when relevant, deeper technical tracks to deliver the appropriate learning to the appropriate learners. This program has been created specifically for our System integrators.  

    Once the white belt is complete, users can move into our purple belt tracks, allowing them to mix and match their solutions to the following technical learning paths.  These include Test Data Management, Governance and Security, Cloud, and our upcoming new course DevOps. The paths are offered both online as self-service curriculum and may include labs, assessments, and demos.  Optionally, learners can send a request for Instructor-Led workshops, if they prefer. 

    Global System Integrator Partners that have moved the needle in their own enablement with this program include CapGemini, Infosys, Syntel, and Cognizant.

    These deeper dives provide learners with practical skills using Delphix in your software testing throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to achieve your goals by virtualizing the data you need for quality testing. Adopting early testing with good quality data in all phases of SDLC is critical for shortening time-to-market and ensuring compliance. Additionally, discover how teams can quickly respond to changing business requirements by running quality tests, drive down testing time, and cost. 

    Test data management can be very challenging without leveraging a platform-based approach that enables data virtualization and data masking. Understand how the Delphix dynamic data platform brings the benefits of virtualization to application data by making it easier and faster to collect, control, and consume data on-demand

    To learn more about the program details click here.

    New and Upcoming Releases

    Coming November 20th, Delphix Education will be releasing a new learning path on DevOps. 

    The DevOps learning path will introduce Purple Belt Education modules for the System Integrator PartnerFirst series, specifically showcasing a deeper understanding of Delphix API/CLI integration workflow for DevOps. Additionally, this new learning path will showcase how DevOps workflows integrate Delphix.  Specifically, learners who enroll for the DevOps learning path will receive instruction on the following: 

    1. Getting Started with DevOps and Delphix Integration
    2. Introduction to the Delphix API
    3. Using the Delphix API
    4. API Automation

    DevOps Modules on the Horizon

    • Example integrations of Delphix and CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins.  
    • Using the basic tools - curl, bash, dxtoolkit, dxmtoolkits suitable for system administrators and DBA’s.  

    Learn more about DevOps.

    The Delphix Education and Enablement Team

    Should you have any questions, please direct them to @Michelle Beasley.

    Michael Torok
    Director of Knowledge and Community Management