Knowledge and Getting the Word Out

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    Posted 07-02-2019 03:03:00 PM
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    I am hoping that you are all enjoying the new community, and I encourage you to explore. We are still brushing the dust off in places, so please do reach out with questions and comments. We want the feedback. We are working through enabling redirects, by the way, for all the previous content. We will get there.

    I'd like to point out the following new articles in our knowledge base, providing the first in what I expect to be monthly knowledge article publication announcements.
    We published 5 new public-facing knowledge articles this past month:

    We want to make sure you see and take advantage of any and all the education and exploration avenues provided. Whether it is discussions here in the community, discussions which get codified into KB articles, new community training videos, new blogs about our Splunk integration, ideas which become features, or new Git repos stock full of goodness, we want you in-the-know.

    Stay tuned for more.

    Michael Torok
    Director of Community Management