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Tip of the Day: Migrating a VDB Using the GUI

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Migrating a VDB Using the GUI

    Posted 09-18-2014 05:03:00 PM
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    1. Log into your Delphix Engine using Delphix Admin credentials.
    2. Select Manage > Databases > My Databases.
    3. Select the VDB you want to migrate, and then click the Open icon.
    4. Slide the Enable/Disable control to Disabled, and click Yes to confirm.
      When the VDB is disabled, its icon will turn grey. 
    5. On the bottom-right corner of the VDB card, click the VDB Migrate icon.

    6. Select the new target environment for the VDB, the user for that environment, and the database installation where the VDB will reside.

    7. Click the Check icon to confirm your selections.
    8. Slide the Enable/Disable control to Enabled, and click Yes to confirm.
      Within a few minutes your VDB will re-start in the new environment, and you can continue to work with it as you would any other VDB.