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Environment create failed internal error

  • 1.  Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-19-2014 06:06:00 PM
    Hi all, I thought that this may be a quick rote to finding a solution to my problem. 

    Firstly, I am using a trial version and initially install from the ova into VMware player.  At first, I managed to create a DSource but given that this is a learning exercise I decided to delete the VM and reinstall.  After this, I set up the admin users etc. and tried to provision the DSource again.  As far as I could see I did nothing different but after running for a while, the ENVIRONMENT_CREATE fails with and "internal error" error code "exception.job,execute.internal" and a recommendation to contact support.

    The support contact will be next but I thought that  I may be just missing something obvious, particularly as it did work initially.

    For info, the DSource is provisioned from an Oracle 11G   environment.  According to the job log, the environment creation fails and the is deleted.

    Any ideas, help appreciated.


  • 2.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-19-2014 06:15:00 PM
    john, 11G on Linux? also," delete the vm and reinstall"=delphix engine VM?

  • 3.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-19-2014 06:21:00 PM

    The error sounds like we had issues setting up the environment for the dsource. You may want to review the steps outlined in our documentation:
    One other point, if you reinstalled the engine, you may have old toolkit directories from the previous engine which can sometimes cause a conflict. You may want to try renaming these old directories on the target host and try adding the environment again.

  • 4.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-19-2014 06:26:00 PM
    Thanks Tom,  I will check the doc.  I did delete the toolkit directory(you do mean on the Oracle box?) and even gave it a new name. 

  • 5.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-27-2023 10:45:00 PM

    It appears you've mentioned that you deleted the toolkit directory and even renamed it, possibly on the Oracle box.

    Aaronn78 Khan
    Delphix Community Members

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  • 7.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-19-2014 07:04:00 PM
    Adam,  sorry I did not see your reply as it and Tom's came in together and I went to the bottom of the page thereby only seeing his initially.

    OK so the Linux is actually Fedora 17 ... yes really, it is a well working and existing playpen that I have.  These days though, I tend to use Oracle Linux particularly for playing with 12c.  I just felt that as I had it that the 11G box that it would be a better place to start.  Of course I do know that it is not on the "list" but there is a bit of the cowboy in all IT guys :-) .

    Oh, and it was the Delphix engine I deleted.  The 11G box is a physical one.



  • 8.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-21-2014 03:21:00 PM
    Hi guys,
    While the problem is not solved, I do believe that it is essentially my "cowboy" method of trying so I am sorry to have troubled you.  Essentially I think that it was a lack of fundamental understanding of the Delphix components, particularly in terms of the target environments.

    So, if my next question is flamed, I will understand however I now intend to do the following:
    • Set up a new 11G environment (virtualized) and add user data.  This will be under Linux Oracle 7.
    • Set up a target environment with the requisite users, priveleges etc.  This will also be under Linux Oracle 7.  A naive question here though is if I do need to do a full Oracle install or if I can just lift the binaries etc?
    • I will then use these for my functional explorations.
    I will still run the Delphix appliance from another box.

    Does the above make sense or am I totally naaive?



  • 9.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 09-28-2014 03:44:00 PM
    Hi all,

    I did eventually come right.  I think as alluded to previously, that I did not have the right perspective as to what fits where.  In any case, I now have an environment which holds the original database instance and the new VDB one.  While this may not be perfect it dos allow me to test via sqlplus on the machine the characteristics of both instances.

    To be honest, I think that I have probably not been subtle enough in terms of permissions, groups etc. but I can refine that down the line.  Tom, I did find your pointers and the other docs very useful.

    My current problem is connecting to the VDB from SQLDEVELOPER on my laptop and the environment machine itself.  I have changed the TNSNAMES.ORA to reflect the correct service (output from LSNRCTL SERVICES) but see "insufficient privileges".  I will do some more research on this but may start another thread if I do not manage to get it working.



  • 10.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 10-02-2014 03:18:00 AM

    I'm sincerely sorry that there haven't been any replies to your post recently. It's been a busy time for Delphix and for our community in general (you may be familiar with a major convention going on this week in San Francisco :-) ) but that should be no excuse.

    Let me just say that your "cowboy" method, while not officially supported at this time, is welcome. We haven't tested on Fedora 17 and we'd love to know how it works for you!

    If I follow the thread correctly, you've successfully provisioned a VDB and the issue now is sqlnet login. Did you use the Delphix hostchecker kit and the script to create the proper user in the source database? And the (or the Java hostchecker) to verify the source and target configurations? These utilities should eliminate any misconfiguration of the target and the DB.

    Please let us know how your trial is going and if you have any questions on these utilities, and here's wishing you success!


  • 11.  RE: Environment create failed internal error

    Posted 10-05-2014 07:36:00 AM

    Hi Michael,


    Thank you for the response and the advice.

    Firstly a correction.  The base OS for is actually Fedora 15.  However given that this was an older installation, I decided to do the updates and the kernel (certainly that picked up by Delphix) is actually  16 (Beefy Miracle).  In any case, I am happy to report that the product works fine with the hardware/software combination I have used.  There are a couple of things which I am not sure about but the firstly the combination is as follows:

    ·         Delphix engine running on my laptop (I5) under VM Player (I gave it 4GB of the 8 available, 3 CPUs and provisioned a 40GB secondary disk which I did not make dynamic).

    ·         Source is; OS as above with Oracle 11g running.

    ·         The target is also on the source machine.

    I took your advise and provisioned a Delphix DB user.  I could not find a script on the tools directory but did find it on the internet.  The OS user was still set up as before (sorry I did not mention that I did a new install).  I should say though that when provisioning the environment I used the “oracle” OS user.

    In any case, I took it from beginning to the end; provisioned 2 VDBs, made changes and then rewound them.  For me at this stage I am now happy that Delhix will “do what it says on the box”.  Now that I have reached this plateau, I will now start in anger.

    Just a couple of things though. I tried running the hostchecker (java –jar etc) and nothing happened.  I would assume that even if my JRE/JDK was wring that at least it would tell me.  When I say nothing, it just hung – any ideas.

    As to the usage of the DB from SQLDeveloper, this now works fine.  I fact I think that one of the problems last week was that I simply needed to refresh the passwords on the users I was using.  I used SQLDeveloper for the change and rewind tests.  However the strange thing is that when I try and connect using SYS as SYSDBA I receive an Oracle Insufficient Privileges (ORA -01030) when testing the connection. This has me stumped as I can log into SYS as SYSDBA on SQLPLUS on the VDB in the main machine.

    Once again, thank you for your help.