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  • 1.  Delphix SQL Target - Memory & CPU requirements

    Posted 02-27-2020 06:26:00 AM
    I can't find anything in the documentation regarding the min requirements for Delphix SQL target server.
    I'm just building a new VM template and I wanted to set the min reqs in the image.
    Does anyone know what this is?  2 CPU 8GB?

    Mark Hayter
    DBA Specialist
    Gain Capital UK Limited (City Index Limited)

  • 2.  RE: Delphix SQL Target - Memory & CPU requirements
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    Posted 02-27-2020 07:45:00 AM
    Edited by Mouhssine Saidi 02-28-2020 08:33:59 AM
    Hi Mark,

    You have to follow Miscrosoft's recommandation like if you want to size the server for your SQL instances.

    Delphix will use your target server to spin up/down instances, the ressources (cpu, memory & network to access delphix's database disks) needed for databse will be computed from the target.



    Mouhssine SAIDI
    Community Member
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  • 3.  RE: Delphix SQL Target - Memory & CPU requirements

    Posted 02-27-2020 03:13:00 PM
    Hi Mark,

    These links might help - I am providing more than you asked for:

    For SQL Server - please note this is for staging but target hosts are setup very much like staging hosts for SQL Server:
    In particular do not configure max memory for SQL instance(s) to no more than 90% of system memory.
    Hopefully this helps.


    Paul Vero
    Principal Technical Support Engineer