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Common Setup Problems with Delphix Express and Landshark demo environment

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  • 1.  Common Setup Problems with Delphix Express and Landshark demo environment

    Posted 07-23-2015 03:21:00 PM
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    The number one reason for auto configuration of Landshark demo source and target not working on Delphix Express is that the network setup has problems.

    If you have DHCP and network connectivity the the following settings are best

    • Mac - network settings on Express, Source and Target should be "Share with my Mac"
    • PC - network should set to Nat
    Virtual Box
    • network should be set to "Bridge Adaptor"
    ( For more information on Virtual Box network setup see

    Each machine should be able to ping the others. There is no login shell on Delphix Express so ping tests have to be run from target on source. From target or source make sure you can ping the other two machines.

    Even when the network is setup correctly and each machine can ping the others, it is possible that autoconfigure doesn't work. This can happen when there are too many IP addresses on the subnet to find the Delphix Express engine and Source VM. In that case, the solution is to hard code the IP addresses of the Delphix Express engine in the auto configuration scripts on the Target.

    On target, login as delphix (default password delphix) and edit

    $ vi

    and modify the following values

    discovery_enabled = False
    engine_address =  IP_of_Delphix_Express_Engine_VM
    linux_source_ip = IP_of _Linux_Landshark_source_VM

    save the file, then look to see if the auto configuration script is running

    $ ps -ef | grep land

    if it is kill it and then restart, otherwise just restart it


    After restarting the auto config script,, you will see the output on the screen and be able to keep track of the auto configuration progress.