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Postgresql version issue

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  • 1.  Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-11-2015 01:24:00 PM
    We are running the following:

    Product Delphix Engine - Demo
    Version Delphix Engine - Demo
    Build Date Mon, 30 Mar 2015 02:20:17 GMT

    I have added a Linux server running Postgresql 9.3 as an Environment.

    The environment page correctly identifies it as:

    Data Type: PostgreSQL Linux
    Version: 9.3.2

    When I try to add a dSource, I get the following error during the SnapSync.

    LOG: unrecognized configuration parameter "unix_socket_directory" in file "/data/delphix_toolkit/4228a1da-f588-977f-b4cb-16f2401864cb-staging-39/datafile/dlpx_postgresql.conf" line 13
    FATAL: configuration file "/data/delphix_toolkit/4228a1da-f588-977f-b4cb-16f2401864cb-staging-39/datafile/postgresql.conf" contains errors

    The issue seems to be that the "unix_socket_directory" parameter was removed in Postgres 9.2 and replaced by "unix_socket_directories" in 9.3.  I've tried updating the conf in the toolkit area and re-running the SnapSync, but the conf is just refreshed/overwritten during the process and the change is lost.

    It looks like PG 9.3 is supported with Delphix 4.2; I'm unsure of where the version issue is or what I can update to get the correct conf settings.  Our LinuxSource/LinuxTarget machines are using a PG 9.2 installation but I am adding a dSource from our own server that only has 9.3.


  • 2.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-11-2015 01:28:00 PM
    Hey Patrick, first awesome that you are using Delphix! Let me run this past my team and see what insight they have. 

  • 3.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-11-2015 02:02:00 PM
    Patrick, what server are you specifying as your staging server on your production source? The staging server must be another Postgres 9.3 instance in Delphix. 

  • 4.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-11-2015 02:26:00 PM
    The Staging Environment is the same machine as the one I'm trying to create the dSource from.  I've turned 'Use as Staging' off for the 9.2 servers and recreated the env/dSource and still have the same issue.

  • 5.  RE: Postgresql version issue
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    Posted 09-11-2015 03:40:00 PM
    Ahh. Ok Patrick. I confirmed that PG support was added in 4.2.3, which is a couple minor releases ahead of where you are at. I am currently looking at options to get you on a more current release. Will get back to you shortly.

  • 6.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-11-2015 03:50:00 PM
    Hey Patrick, shoot me an email and I will get you squared away so you can move forward. hsic'at'

  • 7.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-16-2015 07:55:00 AM
    Look like that did the trick.  Thanks!

  • 8.  RE: Postgresql version issue

    Posted 09-17-2015 01:13:00 PM
    Supreme. Glad to hear it!