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ssh to landshark from cygwin

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  • 1.  ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-15-2015 06:27:00 PM
    trying to ssh from Cygwin to landshark and get the following:

    Response: Engine|Challenge: 38f8d93c-57f7-4a65-bc18-3b7e3f2c5bbc|70405991cv2r3nOD07/NK4cFFleuZ04QGIfOJ5KocZzrPV//J9qs=|38f8d93c-57f7-4a65-bc18-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 the registration code below: Engine is not registered, register it atAn empty response was entered. Please try again with a valid response. If theResponse: Engine|Challenge: 38f8d93c-57f7-4a65-bc18-3b7e3f2c5bbc|27848801$ ssh

    any ideas about what I have missed?  I can scp there. - I am registered


  • 2.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-15-2015 06:40:00 PM
    Hey Bev, you are receiving that message because you are trying to ssh into the Delphix engine without properly identifying the user.. 
    1. You should only be ssh'ing in as the delphix_admin or sysadmin user (i.e. ssh delphix_admin@
    2. What are you trying to ssh into the Delphix engine to do?

  • 3.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-15-2015 07:04:00 PM
    I am not asked for a user id - this comes up immediately so no chance to enter the userid
    so I tried running ssh from Cygwin using xterm and got the above output
    $ ssh
    Engine|Challenge: 38f8d93c-57f7-4a65-bc18-3b7e3f2c5bbc|14504504

  • 4.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-15-2015 08:00:00 PM
    Hey Bev, you specify the user in the ssh command. ssh doesn't prompt you for a user. 

    Example: ssh delphix_admin@

  • 5.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-22-2015 06:10:00 PM
    I successfully copied the oracle files over from Cygwin

    now I am trying to follow the instructions to install oracle on landshark

    2.ssh into the LINUXTARGET as delphix

    this is what happens

    ssh delphix@
    Engine|Challenge: 38f8d93c-57f7-4a65-bc18-3b7e3f2c5bbc|62031474$

    what response is needed? -- would I have the same issues if I were running VMware?

  • 6.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin

    Posted 12-22-2015 07:19:00 PM
    What's the IP address of your LINUXTARGET? It appears that you are trying to log in to the Delphix engine.

  • 7.  RE: ssh to landshark from cygwin
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-22-2015 07:29:00 PM
    I had the IP wrong
    $ ssh delphix@
    ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused