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Happy New Year!

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  • 1.  Happy New Year!

    Posted 12-31-2018 04:36:00 PM
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    First, let me be one of the first (since I’m early) to wish you a Happy New Year on behalf of the Delphix Community Management team and on behalf of the larger Delphix family. Happy New Year!

    I know there are a number of you who believe that resolutions are like wishes, that is, you keep them to yourself or they don’t come true. I’m more of the ideology that resolutions get stronger when they are socially reinforced. So, I’m going to throw this out here in the community to see what resolutions come back on the ripples.

    Starting with me, since I’m the one currently typing away here on New Year’s Eve. I know I’m not alone. Throw down a resolution for 2019. Heck, we can make it a new tradition.
    • How are you going to take DataOps to the next level this year?
    • What projects will you own and conquer in the new year?
    • What is on your horizon? 

    Community Resolution Time
    It is only with you that we can achieve the community goal... help us make it happen.

    In 2019, we resolve to provide an ever-increasingly engaging, dynamic, flexible, interesting and colorful community in which and from which you can easily find and participate in all Delphix learning, education, social, open-source, and engagement platforms.