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Tip of the Day: Failing Over a Namespace

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Failing Over a Namespace

    Posted 10-20-2014 05:07:00 PM
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    Objects stored in a namespace are read-only, failing over a namespace moves the replicated objects to the "global" namespace. After a failover all of the objects will appear in the system as if they had been created locally.
    1. Locate the namespace to failover. The list of namespaces can be accessed via System > Namespaces. Each namespace has a default name that is the hostname of the source that sent the update. These names may be customized if desired. Each namespace will list the databases and environments it contains.  *If this namespace is the result of a replication update check to see if the source Delphix Appliance is still active. If so, then disable any dSource or VDB that is part of the namespace being failed over to ensure that only one instance is enabled.
    2. Click Failover
    3. Apply any configuration changes that are required to customize the objects for the system. (This might include updating object state such as IP addresses, mount paths, or credentials.)
    4. Enable the Environments that were failed over. 
    5. Enable the dSources and VDBs that were failed over.