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Delphix scalability with additional engines

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  • 1.  Delphix scalability with additional engines

    Posted 12-09-2015 07:26:00 AM
    I have a query with regard to the scalability of the Delphix Engine.

    (*) I have a very Large Database of size 100TB. 
    (*) After virtualization, the size of the dsource is 50TB.
    (*) There are currently 150 VDB that are created from this dsource
    (*) The Delphix Engine has 8vCPU, 128G vRAM and 150TB of storage that is attached to the Delphix Engine.
    (*) The Delphix Engine is unable to take the load of the 150 VDB's and the correct sizing for the environment would be 4 - 8vCPU/128G vRMAN Delphix Engines.

    Now the query is:

    (*) Its is not practical to have a single VM with 32vCPU/512G vRAM.
    (*) We have decided to have 4 separate Delphix Engines.
    (*) Will the 4 Delphix Engine replicate to each other using Delphix Replication?
    (*) The Original storage that is attached to the Delphix Engine is 150TB. 
    (*) Now if we have 4 Engines, do we have to allocate 150TB for each of the engines (150TB x 4) to take care of the load.


  • 2.  RE: Delphix scalability with additional engines
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    Posted 12-09-2015 02:35:00 PM
    You can use Delphix Replication to scale out capacity.  A Delphix Replication Engine is the same as a standard engine and has to be installed separately.  Each engine to be used for replication will need to have at least 150GB for the engine itself and sufficient data storage allocated for the replicated dSource(s).

    It may be worth reviewing the requirement to scale out capacity, is it down to the volume of network traffic presented to the engine?