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VDB deletion through API

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  • 1.  VDB deletion through API

    Posted 06-06-2017 09:15:00 AM
    Hi Guys,

    We are trying the deletion of the VDB through API.We have used the below code but not getting the correct output.
    curl -X POST -k http://$DE/resources/json/delphix/database/ORACLE-DB_CONTAINER-54/delete \
    -b ~/cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json"
    "type": "OracleDeleteParameters"
    {"type":"ErrorResult","status":"ERROR","error":{"type":"APIError","details":"The reference \"ORACLE-DB_CONTAINER-54\" is invalid or of the incorrect type.","action":"Check the source of the reference and the documentation for the requested API. Try again with the correct reference type.","id":"exception.webservices.api.invalid.reference","commandOutput":null,"diagnoses":[]}}[root@oraclesource ~]# {
    > "type": "OracleDeleteParameters"
    > }

  • 2.  RE: VDB deletion through API
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    Posted 06-06-2017 09:26:00 AM
    Hi Swathy,

    It's a simple typo mistake here, you need to use the container reference "ORACLE_DB_CONTAINER-54", you have a hyphen instead of an underscore after the word ORACLE in your example.

    Hope that helps,


  • 3.  RE: VDB deletion through API

    Posted 06-06-2017 09:53:00 AM
    Thanks for your response Scott.
    But now i am executing the code i am getting the below error:
    > "type": "OracleDeleteParameters"
    > }
    -bash: type:: command not found


  • 4.  RE: VDB deletion through API

    Posted 06-06-2017 10:07:00 AM
    We got the output.