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proxy error

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  • 1.  proxy error

    Posted 02-08-2017 03:20:00 PM


      while i was trying to create a new ruleset i got proxy error.

    On the same module i cannot select connector from drop down box.

    I wonder why i deal with proxy inside the same lan where both resides my client laptop and  delphix application server  

    Thank you for Your attention


  • 2.  RE: proxy error
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    Posted 02-09-2017 09:14:00 AM
    Have you tested the connector when you created it? There's a button in the connector definition window to actually test the connection.

  • 3.  RE: proxy error

    Posted 02-09-2017 03:53:00 PM
    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled ruleset and connector.


       when i'm logging in delphix and want create a new ruleset i get proxy error and the login page pops up.  The same when i want associate a connector to the ruleset. The same connector list is empty.



  • 4.  RE: proxy error

    Posted 02-09-2017 04:21:00 PM

    I have not admin privileges when i am logged into delphix. I am trying to solve the issue with administrators.  Probabily the delphix account needs correct setting properties or my laptop provided with dynamic ip by the enterprise i work in , has network issue


  • 5.  RE: proxy error
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    Posted 02-09-2017 05:21:00 PM
    Hi Luigi,
    Please let us know if it works with admin privileges.
    Different question though: How much memory have you assigned to the Delphix VM?

  • 6.  RE: proxy error

    Posted 02-10-2017 09:07:00 AM

    I ask for the question to administrators.

    Thank you for suggestion.

    When i try to reach the detail page of the ruleset the browser dispaly a blank page. Perhaps the server lacks of resources.

    I'll notify you as soon as possible.

  • 7.  RE: proxy error

    Posted 02-27-2017 09:35:00 AM


         delphix VM host  should be equipped with 512 GB random access memory and hard disk should be on the order of terabyte.

    System Administrator notifies me that delphix VM host was subjected to crash because to much swap exhausted hard disk space dedicated.


  • 8.  RE: proxy error

    Posted 03-01-2017 01:28:00 PM
    Hi Luigi,
    If swapping occured then the installation prerequisites have not been followed! See our documentation at
    See the paragraph about Memory: Memory reservation is required!

    The Delphix VM is not a typical VM, it shall NOT share resources such as CPUs and memory with other VMs.