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Script to rebuild a VDB

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  • 1.  Script to rebuild a VDB

    Posted 05-03-2016 02:51:00 PM

    Does anybody have a script that can be used to re-build a VDB? 

    Quite often, our VDBS on a particular engine go into a failed state, which requires us to rebuild the VDB. It seems sensible to just grab the parameters from the existing VDB and just create a new one as a copy of the old one.

    Has anyone (Delphix or the community) automated this yet?

  • 2.  RE: Script to rebuild a VDB
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    Posted 05-03-2016 02:53:00 PM
    Hello Shamanth!

    On your case the VDB is not in Running state because the refresh process fails. In order to make it available again you just need to run the Refresh process again. 
    If refresh process fails in the middle, VDB is not ready and you won't be able to start it up. A full successful refresh is the only way to go there.

    Hope this helps


  • 3.  RE: Script to rebuild a VDB

    Posted 05-03-2016 03:01:00 PM
    To Diego's point, if you want an example of refreshing a vdb via a script, I just covered that in my blog post: https://community.delphix.com/delphix/topics/getting-started-with-the-delphix-python-module

    But, there is a situation like you describe where an actual provision can fail and you fixed the issue and you just want to "do that provision again." I'll jot this down as an idea for another example for me to work on. 

  • 4.  RE: Script to rebuild a VDB

    Posted 05-03-2016 03:36:00 PM
    In our case, the refresh button is grayed out and the VDB is showing in an "INACTIVE" state. Can anything be done through the UI in this state?

  • 5.  RE: Script to rebuild a VDB

    Posted 05-03-2016 03:38:00 PM
    Let's have a quick call to discuss that Shamanth.