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API for VDB details ?

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  • 1.  API for VDB details ?

    Posted 08-10-2017 05:16:00 PM

    Is there an API to get all the details of a particular VDB?

    For example can I find out if the VDB is in a start state or stopped state or is currently on a refresh?

    What was the timestamp of the last refresh on the VDB?

    How many instances does a VDB have? 

    Which instances of the VDB are up or down?

  • 2.  RE: API for VDB details ?
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    Posted 09-22-2017 02:18:00 PM
    Hi Shamanth,
    You can find out all the ways to use our APIs documented in the engine <yourengine.com/api> as well as some examples in our main docs here.