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Delphix for AIX platform

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  • 1.  Delphix for AIX platform

    Posted 09-13-2014 06:04:00 PM
    My most platform to working with is AIX, and we frequently clone the oracle production DB (using old fashion of online backup, not RMAN) to dev server (same platform) with schema name change rather than instance name change to avoid developer confusion but using a lot of time to finish it. Is it possible to exploit a delphix product for this?

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    Posted 09-13-2014 07:13:00 PM
    Yes. You can leverage Delphix to create full copies of production on-demand, in minutes, and in a fraction of the space. Even if your database is 10's of terabytes. If you shoot me an email, I'll be glad to hook you up with someone that can discuss this with you over the phone or shoot you more information on the topic.


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    Posted 09-13-2014 07:57:00 PM
    Hi Adam, Thanks for your prompt input. I saw this comment regarding log file sync OS call wait via Jonathan Lewis blog ( How should client concern about to use a delphix to solve a clone case but might produce another on sensitive production DB especially during various daily batch windows generating roughly 600-800 GB/day? Thanks, BunditJ

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    Posted 09-13-2014 08:56:00 PM
    Hey Bundit, that article is a good one from a year ago. Jon has a great blog.  Jon highlighted some strengths of our product and we have additionally made significant improvements over the last year. I can understand your concern about how a new product could impact your production environment, and since I don't know your production environment, allow me to respond with some information about a few customers with some serious production requirements. Facebook used Delphix to insulate their production environment from the batch jobs required for reconciling their general ledgers in the financial close process. With Delphix they went from a process that took them 21 days and still had many errors to 2 days with zero errors. As you can imagine, they generate a massive amount of data on a daily basis. Also, four of the Fortune Top 5 use us because of how we reduce the risk of issues in production. I don't know of your specific use case, but here you can find Tim Campos (CIO of Facebook) talk about Delphix. Molina Healthcare's CIO recently won a CIO 100 award, he is a vocal proponent of Delphix. Or you can read about how Bobby Durret of US Foods used Delphix to actually restore production here:
    As you can see, a lot of the world's biggest companies are leveraging Delphix to address the same concerns you have: "How can I meet the increasing demands of the business, while insulating production." 
    Will you be at Oracle Open World?