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Encrypted or Masked Dsource database copy

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  • 1.  Encrypted or Masked Dsource database copy

    Posted 09-08-2015 04:49:00 AM
    I have a production database that is under a regulatory compliance that if the data is exported outside of the production host, it has to be masked or encrypted. So when I create a dsource out of my production database, is there a way to encrypt or mask the dsource database copy?


    Charles Theophilus

  • 2.  RE: Encrypted or Masked Dsource database copy
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    Posted 09-08-2015 03:24:00 PM

    This is a very common requirement, for which there are several solutions.

    First, is the production database encrypted at rest? If so, the dSource and any VDBs created from it will also be encrypted. 

    If the source data is not encrypted, the next consideration is whether the regulations allow for unencrypted, unmasked data to be exported to another host / storage device in the production zone. If that is possible, we could still link the dSource, then provision a VDB from it, which you could then either mask it using Delphix Agile Masking, or encrypt it. A second Delphix Engine outside the production zone could then link this VDB as a dSource in order to provision to your lower environments.

    Lastly, if the data can't be exported to another host in the same production zone without it being encrypted or masked, it may be possible to provision an empty VDB and use on-the-fly masking to mask the data from the source DB as it is moved into the empty VDB. This is a more complex solution, obviously.

    Thank you,