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Where does virtual DB resides?

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  • 1.  Where does virtual DB resides?

    Posted 06-19-2018 05:49:00 AM
    Does virtual database  resides with Delphix server? If yes then why Target Environment is needed while provisioning?
    If VDB resides within the Target Environment, why is it called "Virtual Db" ?
    I want to the how Delphix is storing its VDB on target environment/Delphix server.

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    Posted 06-19-2018 05:55:00 AM


    Target environment hosts database binaries (Oracle/SQL/Sybase... "engine").

    Database FILES are hosted on Delphix Engine.

    It is called virtual database as the database files are not copied for each VDB but common data blocks are internally shared between VDBs instead of copied n times). 

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    Posted 06-19-2018 05:57:00 AM
    Hi Anshul,
    The database binaries reside on the target server, the datafiles however reside in the storage assigned to the Delphix Engine, mounted on an NFS or ISCSI mount point on the target server  and accessed over the network between the Delphix Engine and the Target Server.  The way that Delphix handles the file pointers to the Virtual Database means that much of the non-unique data for each of the VDBs is shared.  Since the data is NOT provisioned nor moved to the target machine and because many VDBs can point to the same physical data then it is described as "Virtual".
    Check out  - Jonathan Lewis explaining Delphix for Oracle, it might give some more insight.