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Multiple DSource on a single Delphix Machine.

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  • 1.  Multiple DSource on a single Delphix Machine.

    Posted 03-22-2015 12:52:00 PM
    Is it possible to create multiple DSource on a single Dephix Machine.
    And possibly each DSource would be represent a source database with different OS platform and Oralce version?

    Also whether source DB and VDB has to be on same version and platform?


  • 2.  RE: Multiple DSource on a single Delphix Machine.
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    Posted 03-22-2015 05:42:00 PM
    Hi Asif!  To answer your first questions, yes, it is totally possible to have many dSources on a single Delphix Engine.  Those dSources are not limited to a single instance or OS version, Oracle version, etc.  So you may absolutely have an Oracle 11 dSource, Oracle 12c, and a Microsoft SQL dSource all on the same Delphix Engine.

    Regarding the source DB and VDB, the target and source environments do need to be on the same version, but OS version MAY vary depending on the combination.  From the current (4.2) documentation:

    Source and Target OS and DBMS Compatibility

    The source and target must be running the same DBMS/Operating System combination (for example, Oracle on RHEL 5.2) in order to successfully provision a VDB to the target. If the DBMS versions are compatible, the OS version on a target host can be different from the OS version on the source host. 

    You can find more details on the supported versions, etc, in the documentation at

    I hope this answers your questions?

  • 3.  RE: Multiple DSource on a single Delphix Machine.

    Posted 03-23-2015 04:40:00 AM
    Thanks Sean, That was helpful.

  • 4.  RE: Multiple DSource on a single Delphix Machine.

    Posted 04-11-2017 06:19:00 PM
    I too have a similar question on the same lines of Asif. We have created a dsource and unlinked 6 months ago. Linking dsource now is failing due to some fallback in source database(oracle) but vdb's created from this dsource are functioning. We are planning to create a fresh dsource becuase linking to old dsource is failing. Can we keep the old dsource as is and create a new one from the same source without interruption to current vdb's and impact to anything? Please suggest.