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dSource from data guard standby

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  • 1.  dSource from data guard standby

    Posted 02-05-2016 06:13:00 PM
    Is there a way for a dsource created from a data guard standby to be switched over to the new standby after a data guard switchover/failover event. 

  • 2.  RE: dSource from data guard standby
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    Posted 02-05-2016 06:16:00 PM
    Yes, we can unlink and relink again a dsource to move it from a primary to a standby, from a standby to a primary or from a standby to a standby. Process is very simple:

    In this example I am going to unlink and relink a database called orcl:

    We can unlink from GUI but we must relink from CLI.

    To unlink we just click on the icon on the lower right corner and after that we will see the dsource this way:

    Now that the source is unlinked let’s link it again.
    You have to connect to the DE using a user with delphix_admin rights to do this. 

    Here are the commands to relink this again:

    Diegos-MBP:~ dloureda$ ssh delphix_admin@

    Last login: Tue Oct 13 18:27:27 2015 from
    LandsharkEngine> database
    LandsharkEngine database> select orcl
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl'> attachSource
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> set
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> set source.config=orcl
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> set environmentUser=LINUXSOURCE/delphix
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> set dbUser=delphixdb
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> set dbCredentials.password=delphixdb
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> edit source.operations.preSync
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource source.operations.preSync *> back
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> edit source.operations.postSync
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource source.operations.postSync *> back
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl' attachSource *> commit
        Dispatched job JOB-706
        DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job started for "Sources/orcl".
        Obtaining information from source database "Sources/orcl".
        Creating new TimeFlow for dSource "Sources/orcl".
        The dSource "orcl" was successfully linked from source database "Sources/orcl".
        DB_ATTACH_SOURCE job for "Sources/orcl" completed successfully.
    LandsharkEngine database 'orcl'>

    This is what we did:
    • Connect to the DE
    • Select database name that we want to reattach
    • execute the attach command (attachSource)
    • set name and config name (normally the same)
    • set environment user. Here is where we tell Delphix in which host and what is the user name it will be using from now on
    • set os and db users to be used
    • Even though they may be blank, like in this case, we need to set up the presync and postsync operations
    • Commit changes

    Hope this helps