Announcing Delphix 6.0.10 & More

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    We are pleased to announce the release of Delphix version 6.0.10 and other significant updates made in August and September 2021.

    These updates will expand APIs for Data Control Tower and add new masking algorithms. In addition, we added support for new cloud and multi-tenant data sources.

    Data Control Tower Updates

    • Data Version Control API: You often need to version and store complex data sets alongside your applications and data models. We launched a new API on Data Control Tower SaaS and Data Control Tower Multicloud which will allow you to version data across any number of data sets and store this reference alongside your code or other artifacts.
    • Updated DCT Multicloud: Your need to drive data throughout your enterprise requires API-driven automation. This API-driven automation is facilitated from Data Control Tower in both a SaaS offering and with self-hosted Data Control Tower Multicloud. We shipped the next version of Data Control Tower Multicloud, which includes APIs for virtual database creation, control and monitoring, allowing for deeper and simpler enterprise automation.
    • DCT Accessibility Improvements: We achieved WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility compliance for Data Control Tower. This both equalizes the user experience of impaired users with that of nonimpaired users and facilitates easier adoption by heavily regulated and government organizations.
    • Environment APIs: We released a new SaaS API endpoint on to enumerate all virtualization environments. Our goal is to drive all orchestration from a single point - either on DCT SaaS or DCT Multicloud.

    Virtualization Updates

    • Support for Azure Storage Backups: As you move to the cloud, we continue to innovate with ways to use that data. We are now able to directly ingest SQL Native backups from Azure Storage, allowing you to jointly reap the benefits of Delphix virtualization and Azure Cloud.
    • Support for dSource upgrade from Oracle non-MT to MT: You are migrating more of your Oracle databases to Oracle Multitenant. After you migrate your production sources, these can be automatically migrated in Delphix, ensuring that test infrastructure is quickly ready for DevOps teams. This feature was previously available under Controlled Availability.
    • Oracle Not Provisionable Exception: We addressed one of the longest-standing and most-reported issues with Oracle, an Oracle RAC "not_provisionable exception."
    • NFSv4: We now default to NFSv4 for most NFS connections. There are some nuances to this shift, so please refer to the relevant docs.
    • UI for Password Vaults and Remote Hooks: In the 6.0.9 release, we introduced the ability to use password vaults with hooks. This allows you to ensure a high level of security with all operations with external systems. This can now be configured via the user interface.
    • Allow attach and detach of Oracle CDB containers: This is a feature that will allow you to detach and attach your Oracle CDB containers. Prior to this feature, you could detach a PDB similar to detaching non-Multitenant datasets, however, once a PDB was detached, even if it was the only PDB of a CDB, the CDB remained inactive but not detached.
    • Port control for HANA plugin: We now allow users to specify the port numbers of each HANA VDB, rather than HANA randomly assigning them. This will keep the port number consistent through the life of the VDB (provision, refresh, rewind, enable).
    • Flexible ORACLE_HOME permissions configuration: We removed the need to set permissions of "$ORACLE_HOME/dbs" subdirectory using STARTUP SPFILE syntax to simplify Oracle operations.

    Masking Updates

    • New Mapping Algorithm: We introduced a new, more powerful and faster mapping algorithm. We now support running the same mapping algorithm across multiple jobs and support running the same mapping algorithm across multiple engines. Note the latter requires the use of a compatible external database. New APIs will support migrating mappings from existing mapping algorithms to the new mapping algorithms.
    • New Phone Masking Algorithm: We introduced a new, more powerful phone number framework for US and international numbers. You will need to migrate from the old phone masking algorithm.
    • Algorithm Replacement APIs: We have deprecated many of the previous-generation algorithms. To facilitate moving to our newer, more powerful algorithms we are introducing APIs to list and replace algorithms.

    Deprecations/End-of-Life (EOL) Announcements

    • Masking Ruleset Edit Option: The List, Add column, table suffix, Join table features are removed in 6.0.10. These are low-use features with better alternatives. There is more information in this public Delphix community article for those interested
    • EBS 12.1 Support: EBS 12.1 remains deprecated with a planned EOL (and removal from the product) in December 2021. This is in line with Oracle’s planned End-of-Life for EBS 12.1 later this year. You are encouraged to upgrade and make use of Delphix’s EBS 12.2 support.
    • Internet Explorer 11 Support: We will be removing primary support for internet explorer 11 ahead of Microsoft’s planned EOL (December 2021).


    • OCI VM.Standard.E4
    • AWS r5n.24xlarge

    For more details and a complete list of features and fixes, please see the release notes. If you have questions about Delphix 6.0.10, please visit our community site and our support site.

    Delphix 6.0.10 is immediately available for new installs. The Cloud Marketplace images will follow the GA by up to 2 weeks. Please contact Delphix Support if you need help with upgrades.

    The Delphix Team

    Delphix is the industry leading data company for DevOps. Data is critical for testing application releases, modernization, cloud adoption, and AI/ML programs. We provide an automated DevOps data platform, masking data for privacy compliance, securing data from ransomware, and delivering efficient, virtualized data for CI/CD and digital transformation.

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