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Link Timeflow and Branch using RestAPI

  • 1.  Link Timeflow and Branch using RestAPI

    Posted 08-12-2019 01:33:00 PM
    I am trying to put together a script that gives a full chain of dependencies for a given snapshot in one command.  This is building on the dxapikit scripts.

    I am very close to having a working script, where I have found that I am running into problems is when you have a TimeFlow that has no more snapshots assigned to it, but is being pinned by a Self-Service Branch.

    Is there a way for me to tell what Self-Service Branch is dependent on a given TimeFlow?  I have done some poking around in the CLI and RestAPI, but there is nothing obvious jumping out at me.


    Jim Larsen
    Technical Architect
    Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company