EBS R12.1.3 & DE4.3.2.1 provisioning - changes to CLI or bug?

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Dx Engine:

I have noticed that my CLI script provisioning dbStack is failing. The script is described in my blog post http://kolibero.blogspot.com/2015/04/command-line-cloning-oracle-r1213.html

Script contents:
database provision
set type=TimeflowPointSemantic
set location=LATEST_SNAPSHOT
set container="VIS dbTechStack"
set container.name="VISDEV2 dbStack"
set container.group="Targets - EBS"
set source.parameters.appsPassword=apps
set source.parameters.display="ebstrg10:0.0"
set source.parameters.oracleHome="db/tech_st/11.1.0"
set source.parameters.targetSystemHostname="ebstrg10"
set source.parameters.targetSystemPortPool=1
set source.parameters.targetSystemSid="VISDEV2"
set source.parameters.targetSystemUtlFileDir="/var/tmp"
set source.name="VISDEV2 dbStack"
set sourceConfig.name="VISDEV2 dbStack"
set sourceConfig.path="/data/u01/oracle/VISDEV2"
set sourceConfig.repository="ebstrg10.kolibero.local/builtin:ebs-db"
I have noticed 2 issues.

First. Repository name is no longer valid. Part "builtin:ebs-db" is invalid. I can see in CLI that it has to be changed to "set sourceConfig.repository="ebstrg10.kolibero.local/E-Business Suite R12.1 dbTechStack". OK. This is fine.

Second. I'm receiving error message

The following validation errors are present:

sourceConfig.parameters This field is required.

Correct these errors and try again, or abort the operation.

Apparently something is missing in my script. I have tried to add foo parameter like this:

edit sourceConfig.parameters
set definition.name=foo
set definition.description=foo
set definition.prettyName=foo
set value=false

After such additional change script provisions dbStack successfully.

Is this a bug? To much validation? Am I doing something wrong in my script?

Best regards,
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Piotr Goliasz

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Posted 4 years ago

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Hi Piotr,
Try this instead:
edit sourceConfig.parameters

Maybe someone else can explain why this works but this has been my workaround.

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Piotr Goliasz

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It looks much simpler :). Thanks
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Jordan Place

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The need for Leighton's workaround is a bug. This issue is resolved in

The change using "builtin:ebs-db" was a mistake on our part that broke your script. Sorry! We try to be careful about maintaining backwards compatibility but occasional changes slip by.

To alleviate your issue, use the repository's new name instead. (I believe its "EBS 12.1 dbTechStack").
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Piotr Goliasz

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Thank you! This works for me.
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Piotr - Here is something else that might help when you are developing CLI scripts.  The CLI commands are based on the API version.  The API version can change from Delphix release to Delphix release.  But what we try to do is maintain backward compatibility.  I find this helpful when I develop CLI scripts.

Last login: Tue Sep  8 17:15:12 2015 from
LandsharkEngine> version
LandsharkEngine> version 1.5.0
LandsharkEngine> version
So what I do is record the API version I used to develop the script.  In this case, the API version is 1.6.0.  But what you can do is set the API to a previous revision.  So you can see I then set the API version to 1.5.0.  

Now my command CLI script might look like the following:
LandsharkEngine> version 1.6.0; database provision
LandsharkEngine database provision *>

I hope this helps.
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Piotr Goliasz

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Thanks. Good point! I'll try to use it with my old scripts where possible.