Tip of the Day: Provisioning a SAP ASE VDB from the CLI

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Prerequisites You will need the following information:

  • The name of the VDB you want to create

  • The group in which to create the VDB
  • The SAP ASE database name for the VDB
  • The source dSource or VDB from which you wish to provision
  • The semanticLocation, LSN, or timestamp of the point you want to provision from (if not using the most recent). You can run these commands to get the list of snapshots or timeflow ranges:

    snapshot list database=dexample
    t imeflow"dexample"
    timeflowRanges; commit

  • The target host on which you want to create the VDB. You can list the hosts with the /host list command.
  • The source repository (SAP ASE instance on the target host) in which to create the VDB. These can be listed with the /repository list command.
  1. Execute the database provision command.

    delphix > database provision

  2. Set the type for the new VDB

    delphix database provision *> set type=ASEProvisionParameters

  3. Set the name and group for the new VDB.

    delphix database provision *> set container.name=
    delphix database provision > set container.group=

  4. Set the name of the new VDB.

    delphix database provision *> set sourceConfig.databaseName=

  5. Set the source configuration properties on the target SAP ASE instance

    delphix database provision *> edit sourceConfig.instance
    delphix database provision sourceConfig.instance *> set host=
    delphix database provision sourceConfig.instance *> back

  6. Set the target Dataset Home.

    delphix database provision *> set sourceConfig.repository=

  7. Set the source container from which to provision.

    delphix database provision *> set timeflowPointParameters.container=

  8. Set the desired value for truncateLogOnCheckpoint

    delphix database provision *> set truncateLogOnCheckpoint=false

  9. Commit the configuration and start the DB_PROVISION job

    delphix database provision *> commit

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