Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to add a Replication Spec

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Unlike the GUI, the CLI supports the ability to manage multiple replication specifications within a single system. This allows updates to be sent to multiple systems from a single point.

1. Switch to the replication spec context.
ssh delphix_admin@yourengine

yourengine > replication/spec
yourengine replication spec > ls

2. Create a new replication spec.
yourengine replication spec create * > ls


        type: ReplicationSpec

        name: (unset)

        bandwidthLimit: (unset)

        compressed: (unset)

        enabled: (unset)

        encrypted: (unset)

        objects: (required)

        schedule: (unset)


           type: PasswordCredential

           password: (required)

        targetHost: (required)

        targetPrincipal: (required)

3. Specify the target host name, user, and credentials.
yourengine replication spec create * > set targetHost=exampleHost.mycompany.com

yourengine replication spec create * > set targetPrincipal=delphix_admin

yourengine replication spec create * > set targetCredential.password=password

4. Specify the set of objects to replicate.

      A.To replicate all dSources and VDBs on the system, specify  `DOMAINas the list of objects.

     yourengine replication spec create *> set object=`DOMAIN

      B. To replicate a subset of VDBs and dSources, specify their names as a comma-separated list.

     yourengine replication spec create *> set objects=dExample1,dExample2

5. Commit the operation
yourengine replication spec create *> commit

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