Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to Set Up SSH Key Authentication

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Please note this is for UNIX Environment Users

1. Get the current system public key:

delphix > system get sshPublicKey

AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEAse1M7uJX44lVPBljhnxB6MZUTx8VF6cupaVATg120lQonIqx29lP+Mwp0AWh7C983IDoYDo+AY7RXpcFP9nKksiJnGSGiK6wo9RIiqSnF1x/VXNkTt2/67RVofoiui4W5fuxD4hOIvoTr47Bg1hh9L6nhP0tnUvS/rusHFJ+ogxGHm46mwNlgUJUGmLTNao+W0YU693HRLukEch01t4k6olVGaC0eLjYlgBf0Z5XiIcBX6ZWqVHAhwMinVjAvmfQhirAgCI7gYrd5/PwNl/DC8xyhWuxd2jgA7sSPeRqWY0JHt/xcmdpIaPxTwtxQLKTnPxrFrQd+l4uf6LKxr5g7w== root@delphix

2. Add this key (starting with ssh-rsa) to the remote user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. You will need to get access to this file using an alternate authentication mechanism (such as logging in as the user with a password, or logging in as an administraor).

3. Create a new environment user:

delphix > environment

delphix environment > user create

4. Set the user environment and name:

delphix environment user create * > set environment=environment1

delphix environment user create * > set name=username

5. Set the user credential type to SystemKeyCredential:

delphix environment user create * > set credential.type=SystemKeyCredential

6. Commit the results:

delphix environment user create * > commit
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