What are the parameters that defines the target host in provisioning API?

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curl -X POST -k --data @- http://delphix1.company.com/resources/json/delphix/database/provision \
-b cookies.txt -H "Content-Type: application/json" <<EOF
"container": {
"group": "GROUP-2",
"name": "EGVDB",
"type": "OracleDatabaseContainer"
"source": {
"type": "OracleVirtualSource",
"mountBase": "/mnt/provision",
"allowAutoVDBRestartOnHostReboot": true
"sourceConfig": {
"type": "OracleSIConfig",
"databaseName": "EGVDB",
"uniqueName": "EGVDB",
"repository": "ORACLE_INSTALL-3",
"instance": {
"type": "OracleInstance",
"instanceName": "EGVDB",
"instanceNumber": 1
"timeflowPointParameters": {
"type": "TimeflowPointLocation",
"timeflow": "ORACLE_TIMEFLOW-123",
"location": "3043123"
"type": "OracleProvisionParameters"


In the above given API:

container: Is it the details of target container or source container?
source: Is it the details of target host or source db?
sourceConfig: Is it the details of target host container or source db?
timeflowPointParameters: These are the details of source snapshot.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Official Response

Container, source and sourceConfig are covering a definition of target - so a new created VDB.
timeflowPointParameters is a point it time of partent database used for provisioning - database is defined by timeflow reference and location is showing a SCN used for provisioning.

Hope it helps.

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Asking again for clarification,  in the Source, SourceConfig, and Container I should pass parameters of the target host in which I want to set up the VDB?
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Below link helps understanding the parameters in detail. If you have not tried this, please have a look at the API specs. http://<delphixserver>/api/#ProvisionParameters
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Also let me know from which APIs can I get inputs for this provisioning API. I am getting timeflowpoint parameters from:
1) Fetching dSource list : resources/json/delphix/database
2) Then fetching snapshot list which gives timeflowPontParameters: resources/json/delphix/snapshot

How will I get inputs for source(group, type,etc), sourceConfig(repository etc)? Which API brings these details for a environment?