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  • 1.  Delphix Masking DOB Date datatype

    Posted 03-29-2024 05:14:00 PM

    Hello, I am trying to mask DOB field which is Date datatype, format: Ex: 1959-08-23  (yyyy-MM-dd)

    In above DOB, I am trying to make day part as 15 for all the records. I tried SM and some other, all failed only the Date Algorithms are working for Date datatype.

    Can I know How to set only Day part to constant 15 value ?


    Chandrapalred Borra
    TDM Engineer
    HCL America Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Delphix Masking DOB Date datatype

    Posted 03-30-2024 03:27:00 AM
    I believe it should be possible to define  SM to mask a DATE .. define for the yyyy  and  for the MM part each a segment with preserve rule, for the dd part use a constant .. but you need to define the rules including punctuation.

    SM is a String type .. the field you assign it is a Date type .. as long as the masked String values can be converted to Date it should work.

    I am not aware of a Date type algorithm that uses constant values, maybe a nice idea for an enhancement.

    Last option is to use SecureLookup and define a constant in the matching format.

    With best regards