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  • 1.  Delphix Masking Engine support on Jenkins

    Posted 01-04-2024 01:51:00 PM

    Does the Jenkins Delphix plugin support masking engines and execution of masking jobs? All the available documents online either point to DCT or Delphix virtualization engines but does not show masking engine operations. 

    Mahesh Chandran
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: Delphix Masking Engine support on Jenkins

    Posted 01-05-2024 10:34:00 AM

    Hi Mahesh,

    Today, Delphix's Jenkins plugin does not support masking or other Continuous Compliance operations. However, it is something we are looking at over the next year.

    For my records, could you explain a little about your specific use case? Are you looking to shift left and grant this capability to your application team users?

    Nick Mathison

    Nicholas Mathison