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  • 1.  How SelfService Snapshots are managed?

    Posted 10-17-2023 03:10:00 AM


    I have some questions on how snapshots in Delphix Engine are managed when it comes to SelfService Containers.

    Please consider the following architecture

    In this architecture,

    1) Delphix Engine (DE) uses SnapSync to get incremental data from Prod starting from 1/10 (Oct 1) and goes on.

    2) DataPrep is "auto refreshed" from latest Prod Snapshot daily.

    3) Dev and Test SelfService Containers are creted on 1/10, from 1/10 masked snapshot of DataPrep, which is refreshed from 1/10 snapshot of Prod data.

    4) According to this architecture, on day 2/10, Dev and Test SelfService containers are being used. This causes of DataPrep 1/10 snapshot being locked by DE, as well as 1/10 snapshot of Prod.

    5) On day 2/10, DE refreshes DataPrep automatically, a new snapshot of DataPrep is available in DE

    6) On day 3/10, SelfService Dev user refreshes Dev SelfService container. This results Dev VDB being opened from 3/10 snapshot of DataPrep (after DataPrep auto refresh completed).

    7) On day 4/10, SelfService Test user refreshes Test SelfService container. This results Test VDB being opened from DataPrep 4/10 snapshot.

    8) On day 5/10 I expect the following snapshots are being locked:

    3/10 DataPrep snapshot: locked by Dev

    4/10 DataPrep snapshot: locked by Test

    3/10 and 4/10 Prod snapshots: locked by Dev and Test at the end of the snapshot chain

    However, when I check the SelfService configuration and screens, I see that the architecture is still based on the of 1/10 snapshot that SelfService environment is created.

    This might cause data footprint in DE growing over time, since SelfService environments are still bound to 1/10 snapshot that the SelfService environment initially created.

    The only workaround to this I can see, is to delete and recreate the SelfService environment, which is not practical.

    Would you please share your comments? Is there any way for SelfService unlock the snapshots in DE by refresh or by other actions?

    Thanks a lot for answers!

    Rahim Cetinel
    Lead Dataops Architect | Delphix Blackbelt

  • 2.  RE: How SelfService Snapshots are managed?

    Posted 10-18-2023 08:35:00 AM
    Hello Rahim,
    You may be best served opening a case with Delphix Support and providing a Support Bundle for us to look into this. Tracking why snapshots are pinned in a reasonably complex environment like this would normally require a Support Bundle.

    2) DataPrep is "auto refreshed" from latest Prod Snapshot daily.

    If DataPrep has been refreshed from a later Prod snapshot (creating a new Timeflow) I would only expect the 1/10 snapshot for the Prod dSource to be freed when all dependencies for the previous DataPrep Timeflow (where the parent snap is 1/10) no longer exist, i.e.

    Child vdbs (self service objects) provisioned from a snapshot on that timeflow had ultimately been refreshed from a snapshot on DataPrep's new time flow.

    All snapshots on the old timeflow had been deleted. The timeflow will be preserved until the snapshot retention policy releases all the snapshots for deletion unless the snapshots are manually deleted. 
    The same would apply for DataPrep 1/10 snapshot.
    As i said though, this would probably need more analysis because of the layered complexity involved.

    Luke Moss
    Senior Support Engineer