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  • 1.  Oracle 23c Support

    Posted 01-11-2024 05:45:00 AM

    Hi everyone,

    As of today (Jan 2023) Delphix does not yet support Oracle 23c ingestion and virtualization.

    Does anyone knows when Oracle 23c support is coming in?


    Rahim Cetinel
    Lead Dataops Architect | Delphix Blackbelt

  • 2.  RE: Oracle 23c Support

    Posted 01-11-2024 06:03:00 AM

    Hi Rahim,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community.

    We aim for support within 8 months from the new version GA date; Please see Data source certifications

    There isn't a specific time yet for release as it's still being worked on.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.



    Adam Smith
    Principal Technical Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Oracle 23c Support

    Posted 01-11-2024 06:04:00 AM

    Hi Rahim, 

    Happy new year!

    I can confirm that we are in the process of certifying Oracle 23c but I am unable to provide a timeline on when it will be available.

    Sandro Latini
    Senior Principal Support Engineer