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Fault Tolerant Delphix

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06-13-2014 04:45:12 PM

Is Delphix supported in a fault tolerant landscape running on Stratus X86 servers?  These servers run in lockstep.  This would be a significant benefit in providing a very robust  Delphix production environment.  

06-13-2014 05:49:51 PM

Peter -

The Delphix Engine runs as a software virtual appliance. Today, Delphix supports the VMWare hypervisor. But we will soon be adding support for EC2, KVM, HyperV, and other virtualization platforms.

If you are using VMWare on top of Stratus X86 servers, Delphix will naturally leverage the fault tolerance and high availability features of both the physical hardware and virtualization framework.

In addition, Delphix provides data replication features for disaster recovery and geographical data distribution. More information can be found in the Data Backup and Recovery section of the product documentation.