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Add Dataset Home Maria DB - Error

Last activity 07-17-2018 04:38:37 PM
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06-29-2018 04:37:34 PM

Hi to all,

I'm trying to add a MariaDB as dataset, when i specify the home path and press "add" I receive the following error message

Skipped discovery for MySQL install "/var/lib/mysql" as it is an unsupported release "10.1.34MariaDB MariaDB"
In compatibility matrix I can see thath MariaDB 10 is supported.

Is there any check i can perform?

Thanks in advance,

07-02-2018 11:02:01 AM


The link you have provided is for the Delphix Masking product. They do not go into the specifics of whether or not the support 10.0.x versus 10.1.x but I would venture to guess you should be able to mask a physical MySQL 10 database.

Delphix stopped supporting MySQL in Delphix version 5.0 though they may bring support back for it in the future. Even though Delphix stopped supporting MySQL, the functionality is still in the product so you could link to a supported version of MySQL source database and provision VDBs.

Delphix 5.0->5.2 works with MySQL 10.0. It does not support MySQL 10.1.x: