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EBS apps tier cloning - fixing failed provisioning

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05-02-2015 07:58:25 AM

EBS R12.2
Delphix Engine 4.2.1

I'm playing with Oracle R12.2 cloning. I have observed that application tier cloning is very sensitive to any application startup problems. My EBS installation is not very stable during apps tier startup phase and sometimes scripts fails because Admin Server is still not started up. Just timeout problems. I can see from logs that Delphix provisioning toolkit is calling after provisioning has been successfully performed. If fails the whole provisioning process is broken and apps tier cloned object in Delphix is left failed state. In my case starting up the app manually can be done without any problems and I have fully functional running EBS app node. Unfortunately cloned object in Delphix stays in FAILED state. Disabling/enabling does not help. It disables possibility of making snapshots, rewind etc in Delphix GUI.

Idea: What if we have a possibility to make failed Delphix object consistent again by calling a CLI command? I think such timeout problems can happen and it is just a waste of time to start cloning process again and again. The cloned object is in perfectly fine state and we only need to make a status of our Delphix object consistent with the cloned object. I'd like to suggest adding such functionality in CLI. 

It would be very helpful to have a switch available in apps tier toolkit allowing to us to choose if we want to start automatically cloned objects after provisioning or not.

05-04-2015 05:13:35 PM

Thanks. I'm glad to hear it!

05-04-2015 04:14:43 PM

Thanks for this feedback! The Engineering team will work to provide a better story for trudging through provisioning/start failures.

05-04-2015 08:53:12 AM

Thanks Piotr. I have forwarded your idea on to the appropriate team at Delphix.