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TCP Port reachability test

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06-04-2015 01:27:50 PM

It would be interesting if one can launch from the Engine CLI a TCP Port Reachability Test. There are a lot of cases in which the customer has firewall rules between the Engine and the Target/Source Servers. For Example, I had a problem during a SQLServer Staging Environment creation (addHostGui.cmd) because of "Connection timeout". The Customer replied me that the firewall is ok, but how can I prove that the firewall still blocks the connection? I tried with the following long procedure: I obtained the support bundle from the customer; I looked into the log files (there are a lot of files...) and then I found the java exception: "Connection timed out" on a specific IP:TCP Port (9100 in that case). BTW, I repeat, it would be simpler and easier if we can use a proper CLI tool.

Thanks a lot.
Gianpiero Piccolo

06-04-2015 01:56:34 PM


Thank you for your suggestion! This functionality has been considered, but not implemented to date. I have updated the Request for Enhancement (our reference number SI-1182) to document your interest in the feature, to help Engineering properly prioritize it.

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