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make the addhostgui utility to communicate through SSL instead of http

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05-26-2015 11:05:39 AM

Hi Guys,

is it possible to make the addHostGui utility to communicate through SSL, instead of plain http?

While I'm waiting for net guys to open the outgoing connection firewall rule, I tried to pass the 443 as TCP Port into the Server Name field (see the following figure).

But I'm not sure it will work. It depends on how the java code try to open the HTTP connection.
And even though if the java code tries to utilize the right protocol (even if it wasn't specified through the GUI dialog box above), I'm not sure that the server SSL Certificate is released by an Authority trusted by the cacert java file.

For the last point I can use the keytool to import the ca cert. For other points I don't know if they could work.

I can't use the plain HTTP from the staging server to the Delphix Engine due to the Enterprise policies: all the outgoing connections must be secure.

Is there a way to use https togheter with the addhostGui? 

Thank you.
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05-28-2015 11:42:05 PM

Hi George,
Sorry I didn't reply sooner, this is a great idea and I passed it on to our engineering team when you posted it. We will let you know if/when we plan on doing this!