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Changing Ownership of Oracle Binaries on Target

By Ganesh Sundaresan posted 03-17-2016 07:49:10 PM

In an Enterprise environment with numerous groups at helm for taking care of Oracle Databases, different set of standards would have been practised in user creation for installing and managing the Oracle binaries. With Delphix in mix for taking care of the non-production environments serving Dev-Ops roles, trying to standardize the user accounts does need little bit of tweaks to make sure the ecosystem lives in harmony after the change. 

For the sake of discussion, let us assume that each target host has its own oracle account - ora<sid>:dba for managing binaries. The new standard would be oracle:oinstall. This is not a regular use-case, but can be managed easily by following the steps below - 

  • All the Delphix OS user accounts on the Target Host must be made part of the new Oracle Account Group. In this case, it will be oinstall. Check /etc/group for oinstall group to make sure Delphix OS user's are part of it.
  • Bring down the VDB gracefully using Delphix. Do not use native tools like sqlplus. 
  • Perform Oracle Software Installation under oracle:oinstall account. Make sure oratab and oraInventory reflects right Oracle Home.
  • When ready to bring up the VDB, refresh the Target environment first in Delphix GUI. Make sure right account information is reflected under Databases for that particular VDB. In this case Install Group should be oinstall and Install User oracle
  • Start the VDB. If you encounter any errors related to permissions, check the Delphix Mount (For eg: /mnt/DELPHIX/<VDB>) for the correct ownership. If it is still mounted under old ownership, simply disable and enable the VDB card. This will bring up the VDB under correct ownership.
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