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    Hello Team, kindly let me know import XML format to mask the XML file. Kindly provide complete steps with example and sample XML file. ( how to create header XML file ) ------------------------------ Pankaj Asegaonkar Delphix Community Members --- ...

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    Hello everyone, When I provision a vDB with a config template and after the provision if I change the config template and refresh the virtual database with which template it will be be opened? Old values or the new values? BR, -Rahim ------------------------------ ...

  • Kindly let me know is this a issue with dxmc that it will not fetch incase of JDBC URL is there ? ------------------------------ Pankaj Asegaonkar Delphix Community Members ------------------------------

  • Hello Team, I am trying to apply the --envname filter option while fetching the ruleset for perticular enviornment, however ruleset list is fetching all rulesetname from masking engine. command: ./dxmc ruleset list --engine va0023 --envname AOL Result: ...

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    Hi Rajat, Yes, you can check the encoding support for most algorithms at https://support.delphix.com/Delphix_Masking_Engine/Algorithm%3A_Summary_(KBA4066) Page down on that page and you’ll see a list of out of the box algorithms and a column called encoding. ...

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    Hi Team, Does Delphix support masking of non-english characters such as Japanese, Chinese etc. stored in a database or a file ? Is there any specific masking algorithm to do this ? Please help. Thanks, ------------------------------ Rajat Solanki TCS ...

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    Great initiative Michael! --------------------------------- Pierre Roussin Senior Data Engineer National Bank of Canada ---------------------------------

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    We are very pleased to announce the availability of the Delphix Community App through our platform provider Higher Logic. The new app capability embraces the fact that very few of us are still only accessing the web on our laptops or desktops. The app ...

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