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The Delphix DataOps Community and Delphix Academy sites will experience a maintenance outage on May 29th during a 4 hour window between 11pm ET and 3am ET. The sites may be unavailable at times within that window. No other Delphix properties are affected.

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  • Hi Marcin, Thank you for the update, this serves the purpose what I needed and its really going to solve my problem :) Thank you, Sushil ------------------------------ Sushil Krishn Oracle DBA Unisys ------------------------------ More

  • Hi, I am from 9THBit Consulting , a Delphix regional distributor and Partner located in South Africa. I have been working in IT for more than 20 years and currently a Principle Consultant doing Presales. ------------------------------ Jerrie Lombard ... More

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  • Hello, There is no Dxtoolkit command to list replication definition. But if you run dx_get_db_env on the replica target it will display all local and replicated databases. All replicated databases will end up with @replicaname so you can find out which ... More

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  • How to get Replica list using dxToolkit on target replication Engine? I have a requirement to dynamically provision vdb using source Replica for specific inputs related to source. Do we have any options in dxToolkit to generate list of all replicas on ... More

  • Hi Ravi, Do let us know the following documentation page helps: https://developer.delphix.com/Best_Practices/Code_Sharing/ -Ankur ------------------------------ Ankur Sarin Senior Engineering Manager Delphix ------------------------------ More

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  • Posted in: Delphix Products

    Delphix supports striped backups for Sybase. For a source database with striped backups present under the same location ...

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  • Posted in: DataOps Central

    As the majority of enterprise employees work from home to help slow the spread of Covid-19, it brings new data ...

  • Posted in: API/Python/Open-Source Solutions

    The most common approach to backup a Delphix Engine is via Replication. Delphix Replication gives the ability to backup ...

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