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    Hello everyone, The following list of Knowledge Base articles have been generated or significantly updated in the month of May. Please review the list for any that affect your environments. Loss of Delphix Engine Network Connectivity Following ...

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    Thank you Sandro.

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    Hi Sreshtha, Thanks for your message. I have confirmed that our sales team in Asia has received your demo request over the weekend and someone will be in touch shortly. We look forward to working with you. Regards Sandro ...

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    Hi, I am trying to reach out to Delphix team to understand how Delphix fits our requirements in terms for TDM implementation. We are mainly focused on Data Synchronization, Data Masking and Data Subsetting. Can anyone help us get connected to the right ...

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    Hi everyone, I have tried the SELECT REGEXP_REPLACE function in the Rule Set, and customized the table I wanted to mask.  The Select operation itself easily brings the values masked using an SQL function. Is there any way to update these values as ...

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    Thanks a lot for response Sandro, this might solve my problem. ------------------------------ Rahim Cetinel Lead DataOps Architect | Delphix Blackbelt ------------------------------

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    Hi Rahim, I haven't personally tried with Character Mapping but another way to do that would be by using a Custom SQL and assign a fixed value to the column to mask. You can refer to this KB article here: https://support.delphix.com/Delphix_Masking_Engine/Using_Custom_SQL_(KBA1764) ...

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    Hi everyone, Do you know if there's any chance to use Fixed Result in Character Mapping algorithm? For example I have a column with Fax numbers and I want to change all numbers in this column to a fixed value like "999999". I know that it is possible ...

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