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  • Posted in: Delphix Products

    Hi Sonali, If your organisation is a partner then you can use the "DASH for Partners" system to gain "belts" which is a kind of certification. If you are a customer (not a partner), unfortunately there are no certifications currently available. The ... More

  • Posted in: Delphix Products

    Hi Phil, Is there a certification available now? the last post was of year 2014. i believe there should be something on this line now. please provide full details of certication code and how to apply for it. Thanks, Sonali ------------------------------ ... More

  • Posted in: Delphix Products

    Hi Rahim, I want to know if there is certification available that we can take for delphix??? i was searching for it but dont see anything except 1 thread with the same question asked in 2014. could you please help me with the full info on it??? ... More

  • Thanks Mouhssine, review of the source code was my next sanity check :) As a final illustration, using dx_ctl_users from dxToolkit 2.4.2 on my own Engine, I confirmed the successful creation of a Self-Service only user using a CSV file (in my ... More

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  • Hi, I crossed with Sean's reply. My finding on the source code for the last release my $jsuser; if (version->parse($self->{_dlpxObject}->getApi()) < version->parse(" 1.10.0 ")) { $jsuser = $self->{_roles}->getRoleByName(' Jet Stream User ')->{reference}; ... More

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    Learn how to win the arms race against potential attackers and achieve compliance while leveraging the unique ...

  • Posted in: DataOps Central

    The future isn’t the cloud, it’s multi-cloud. Matthew Yeh shares key data challenges IT teams must overcome when ...

  • Posted in: Delphix Products

    This article was originally posted as a white paper on the Kuzo Data website here . Enterprise DataOps Security ...

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    Hi! This thread has been created to help us become a more connected community. We want you here, and we want everyone to know a little bit about each and every one of us. You don't have to be a DBA or CIO or CSO to have an important voice in our community. ...

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