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Making the Daunting Doable -- Migrating to a New Data Center with Delphix

By Himanshu Sangwan posted 04-20-2021 09:00:00 AM


We were moving to a new data center and wanted to take this opportunity to build out our Delphix environment with the latest fixes and features. We knew the latest Delphix software version contained many performance enhancements and addressed all the issues our customers were experiencing with our older implementation. 


The Delphix team helped us every step of the way. When they heard that we planned to not only upgrade but to move, they helped us architect a new environment and recommended that we create a parallel environment to remove downtime and risk. Delphix met with us several times to answer questions about hardware configuration, helped us install the Delphix Engines, and helped with the cutover to the new environment.


As we worked through these tasks together, we discussed our strategies for migration from the old data center to the new data center with minimum disruption. One of the changes we realized would be very beneficial was to provide support for VMware Paravirtual SCSI (PVSCSI) storage adapters. According to VMware, these are “high-performance storage adapters that can result in greater throughput and lower CPU utilization.” Of course, as we strove to build a best-in-class solution for our internal customers, we wanted to take advantage of the latest offering our technology could provide. Delphix, acting not as a vendor but as a true partner, worked diligently to include PVSCSI disk support in their 6.0.7 release. The Delphix team is very supportive and knowledgeable.


Throughout this process the Delphix engineers, solution architects, and support teams helped us in many ways:

  • Validated our new environment with their architecture team.
  • Suggested technical changes.
  • Introduced us to Data Control Tower and encouraged us to implement it within our organization. Having done so, it is a huge success. Our end users liked the simplified login credentials and the data available on the history tabs.
  • Accepted and delivered on requests for enhancements (RFEs) and ideas.
  • Provided monthly meetings to discuss any pain points and addressed any concerns.
  • Approved our test environment results.
  • Introduced Azure cloud to our Delphix environment.

The Delphix team is approachable and responsive whenever we need them. They provide the best customer care support and everyone is highly responsive and helpful, at all levels within the Delphix organization.

As with all major projects, there were lessons learned along the way and some bumps. But, whether we found gaps in the documentation or we struggled in migrating VDBs, we were never alone. We were always able to reach out and find someone to help.