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Delphix Disaster Recovery Strategy in Cloud

By Jatinder Luthra posted 09-09-2019 09:20:57 AM


Delphix Disaster Recovery strategy is a common ask from multiple customers. Disaster Recovery is an important part of business continuity plan, to minimize downtime and data loss. As Delphix manages lower environment databases and workload, it is very essential to build and implement DR strategy for continuous development and testing. Delphix DR strategy protects data from site failures, data center failures and cloud region failures.

While clouds provide way more flexibility to handle infrastructure requirements than physical data centers, there are still some challenges to move data faster to cloud. Delphix plays a vital role in helping companies with their cloud adoption strategies and building DR solution in cloud for systems running on-premise, single cloud or cross cloud.

Delphix replication has multiple use cases including build Disaster recovery in cloud. Passive Delphix engine running in cloud provide simple and effective solution to build DR solution but it also introduced big concern for customer to deal with costs of running replicated target engine in cloud.

This approach leverages Delphix APIs with supported clouds (AWS/Azure) command line tools to orchestrate automation workflow.


Provide an automated workflow to leverage Delphix Engine in cloud for replication only, while limiting the compute costs in cloud.

Benefits for using this solution-

  •     Build DR solution from on-premise to cloud(s)
  •     Build DR solution across cloud(s)
  •     Save $$ up to 70% for DR engine running in cloud, depending on storage and instances
  •     Easy to manage and debug 


For this setup, we will deploy secondary engine in cloud, configure replication from primary Delphix Engine (either on-premise or cloud) and setup scripts to automate DR process from primary on-premise/cloud engine to secondary cloud engine.

All Scripts are located in gitlab -

Implementation WorkFlow