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Goodbye DASH, Hello Delphix Academy For Partners

By Jeannine Crownover posted 04-06-2021 10:19:19 AM

We're thrilled to launch digital credentials as part of the new Delphix
Goodbye DASH, Hello Delphix Academy For Partners
Academy for Partners training program—designed to recognize demonstrated expertise of the Delphix platform.

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here March 22, 2021.

Finding the right data professional and expertise are vitally important for enterprises today. A staggering 9 out of 10 organizations say they’re not achieving optimal productivity due to a lack of data skills. 

Our mission at Delphix is to help unlock the data potential for our customers around the world and help every company transform into a data company. Our partners are integral to achieving that mission and delivering a superior customer experience. 

The Delphix Academy for Partners (formerly known as the DASH program) supports and empowers our community of technology and channel partners and global systems integrators with the knowledge they need to help our customers effectively transform their businesses using data in a strategic way.  

As part of our commitment to build a strong network of data professionals and a vibrant partner community, we're thrilled to launch digital credentials as part of the new Delphix Academy for Partners training program—designed to recognize demonstrated expertise of the Delphix platform.

“By providing a syndicated badging solution for Delphix Partner certifications, our most impactful partners can be recognized for their achievements while also making use of their credentials within their networks on social media platforms and within the industry,” said Steve Karam, VP of Enablement and Training at Delphix. “For customers, these verifiable achievements make it easy to identify consultants who have the right skills to deploy and make the most out of the Delphix platform.”

Award-Winning Partner Program 

Just over 2 years ago, our partner program was awarded the Lenny Award by SAP Litmos for designing an innovative eLearning experience for our amazing partner community. Since then, we’ve continued to invest in designing a unique and personalized experience through a rich content catalogue for our partners across the globe. 

The Delphix Academy offers four tracks across sales, pre-sales, and services education. Each track is divided into multiple levels: 

  • Foundation: The foundational training provides a solid foundation in both the concepts and essential activities, such as server installation and configuration tasks, to get started with Delphix.
  • Competency: The competency level certification provides partners with a deeper product understanding, such as complex masking source management and API integration examples and public libraries (such as Github and Jenkins) to prepare individuals for customer-facing engagements.
  • Role-based expertise: The role-based certifications provide partners with applied skills to use Delphix more effectively in their field of expertise. They are also mentored by a Delphix field engineer in a customer setting.
  • Mastery: The master level certification indicates the achievement of all badges in the program. Partners who have attained this certification can differentiate themselves in their industry to help win new business with Delphix customers looking for services support.

delphix partner program badges

The role-based learning paths include project management, architecture, and consultancy for both data masking and data virtualization. 

Digital Badges are the New Diploma

Upon course completion, partners will receive a digital certification award through Credly, a leader in digital badging, that enables individuals to broadcast their achievement directly to his or her LinkedIn profiles, Twitter accounts, and more. 

Our new badging system allows learners to: 

  • Easily manage, share and verify learning achievements
  • Add credibility to achievement
  • Explore labor market insights that connect you with active job opportunities
  • Get early access to our roadmap sessions and product feature updates available to badge earners

These badges are a powerful tool to validate skill levels and claim mastery to customers and the wider tech community. Individuals have the opportunity to expedite their career progression by showing various levels and combinations of competency and mastery along the way. 

“I have found the Delphix Academy provides a wealth of knowledge to partners, presented in well thought out modules catering for various skill levels," Tyrone Nel, Solutions Architect at Blue Turtle Technologies. "The certification and digital badging program provides partners with significant credibility, providing customers with peace of mind when engaging with a certified Delphix partner.” 

Legacy badge earners, who were awarded white, purple, or black belts from January 1, 2020 through April 1, 2021 in our former DASH program, will receive the equivalent certifications through the Delphix Academy. The expiry of the badges will be 2 years from the date of completion of the learning program.

A Big Thank You 

We’d also like to take this moment to congratulate the nearly two dozen partners who have received certifications under this program. 

A2B Servicos Em Tecnologia Da Informacao Ltda
Accenture Japan Ltd
Accuras DMCC
Axis Technology, LLC
Azeemi Tech
Blue Solucoes Inteligentes Ltd.
Blue Turtle Technologies
Capgemini America
Cognizant Technology Solutions
DBI Services SA
ECS Europe LTD
Efficient Information Technologies LLC
FWD View
Insight Technology
Isolin Trade & Invest Limited
K.K. Ashisuto
Tata Consultancy Services
TGV Tecnologia Ltda.

Got questions for us? Check out our partner program FAQ or contact Jeannine Crownover ( for enrollment information.