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For File Masking, what is the recommended masking method, In-Place or On-The-Fly?

By John Hanratty posted 02-04-2019 02:07:02 PM


While working with customers I suggest the ON-THE-FLY masking method. In many cases the inbound customer file(s) may have several purposes other than masking such as being loaded into a production database, distributed to internal document servers, or other business needs. Using this method my source connector needs read only permission to access this file and masking will not alter any file(s)in the source location.


ON-THE-FLY masking is where Delphix Masking reads theSource file to be masked, masks the file in memory, and writes the masked file to the Target location. Here the sensitive file(s) remain unchanged and the masked file is written to a development or less secure folder.