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Installing the Delphix Dashboards App for Splunk

By Jonathan Wilcox posted 03-11-2021 10:24:53 AM


Delphix Dashboards App for Splunk

Getting Started



  • Splunk version 7.x or later.
    • One event type index named delphix_events.
    • One metrics type index named delphix_metrics.
  • Delphix Engine 5.3.x or later.
  • Delphix Dashboards app from Splunkbase (



  1. Install the Delphix Dashboards app on Splunk.
  2. Configure Splunk HEC Token. 
  3. Configure Splunk integration on each Delphix Engine.

Install the Delphix Dashboards App on Splunk (Step 1)

  1. Launch Splunk, and then select Apps>Install app from file.
  2. Browse to the Delphix Dashboards app package named delphix_dashboards-<version>.tar.gz.
  3. If there is an older version of the app installed, check Upgrade app, otherwise leave it cleared.
  4. Click Upload.
    Install Dashboards step 4
  5. The Delphix Dashboards App is now be available on the Apps menu.
    Install Dashboards step 5

 Configure the Splunk HEC Token (Step 2)

  1. Navigate to Settings>Data Inputs>HTTP Event Collector to configure HEC Tokens.
  2. Provide a name for the token.
    Configure HEC Token step 2
  3. On the Input Settings window, provide the following settings:
    • Set the Source type to Automatic.
    • Set the App Context to Delphix Dashboards.
    • Set Allowed indexes to delphix_events and delphix_metrics.
    • Set the default index to delphix_events.
      Configure HEC Token step 3

  4. Review the information provided, and then click Submit.
    Configure HEC Token step 4
  5. Locate the Token Value in Data Inputs > HTTP Event Collector. You will use this value in the next procedure.
    Configure HEC Token step 5
  6. Locate the HEC Port and SSL Settings in Data Inputs > HTTP Event Collector>Global Settings. You will use these values in the next procedure.
    Configure HEC Token step 6


Configure Splunk Integration (Step 3)

The following procedure guides you through configuring Delphix events and metrics on the Delphix Engine to be sent to Splunk.

  1. Provide the following information in Delphix Setup>Preferences>Splunk Configuration.
    • Enter Splunk Host IP
    • Enter Spunk Port
    • Enter HEC Token Value
    • Set Main Index to delphix_events
    • Change Push Frequency if desired
    • Set SSL to match Splunk Settings
    • Enable Metrics
      Configure Splunk Integration step 1

  2. Set Metrics Index to delphix_metrics.
  3. Change Push Frequency to the desired value.
  4. Change Performance Data Granularity to the desired value.
  5. Click Send Test Data to test the connection.
  6. If successful, click Save.
    Configure Splunk Integration step 6
  7. Happy Splunking!

    Configure Splunk Integration step 7



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03-11-2021 10:37:07 AM

The following library provides a video of the process (including a short tour of the data provided through the dashboard) and a PDF of the blog. 

Library for the Installing the Delphix Dashboards App for Splunk blog.