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World Economic Forum 2024: A Pivotal Journey in Elevating Technology Leadership in Sustainability

By Joshua Harbert posted 02-20-2024 11:19:18 AM sent a delegation of executives and technology leaders to the World Economic Forum 2024 in Davos, Switzerland, to amplify the crucial role of technology leadership in shaping a sustainable future
World Economic Forum 2024: A Pivotal Journey in Elevating Technology Leadership in Sustainability
This article was originally published on the Delphix website here January 22, 2024.

Last week, sent a delegation of executives and technology leaders to participate at the World Economic Forum 2024 (WEF) in Davos Switzerland. Our mission was to amplify the crucial role of technology leadership in shaping a sustainable future.

Bridging the Gap in Tech Leadership

One of our primary objectives in attending WEF was to address the noticeable gap in technology leadership in global sustainability discussions. We aimed to amplify the voice of technology leaders alongside business and sustainability executives. Our delegation of board members and executives sought to foster tighter alignment, raise awareness, and cultivate sponsorships between diverse stakeholders, including CEOs, CSOs, CIOs, media, consulting firms, and major technology organizations. We took a significant step in our journey towards expanding our influence and relationships with the largest companies globally.

What we learned is that even more urgency is needed in integrating technology leadership into global sustainability dialogues. We sat through countless sessions focused on data, AI, reporting, standards, and other technology trends - often led by CEOs, heads of business, and sustainability leaders.  We asked panelists, and many other leaders throughout the week - how important it was to include their technology executives in sustainability - they all said critical.  However, technology leadership was noticeably absent from the annual meeting and surrounding sessions and houses.

We are going to change this. This is no longer someone else’s problem to solve. Technology leaders from will become key technology advisors on these important global stages. Through the unwavering support of Delphix, our incredible board of directors, our team, and our strategic advisors, we are doubling down on our commitment!

Key Takeaways and Insights

The Evolving Role of IT in Sustainability

Sustainability is the most multidisciplinary transformation facing businesses since the rise of industrialization. The role of IT is evolving beyond a participant to a unifier, bridging business silos and empowering CEOs and CSOs. In the realm of AI, the lag in governance and regulation compared to its rapid application underscores the urgent need for IT and executive leaders to establish ethical frameworks and governance.

Sustainability Is Good Business

There is a need for businesses to evolve from reduction of impact to changing their strategy and business models towards sustainability. Sustainability plays an integral role in shaping financial and business strategies. Discussions at WEF emphasized the importance of incorporating sustainability into financial decision-making and leveraging technology for sustainable solutions that yield tangible business outcomes. The forum called for a strategic balance between sustainability goals and financial objectives, encouraging companies to explore how sustainability initiatives can drive business growth. This approach aligns with our mandates.

Building Global Solidarity and Trust

There is a need for global solidarity and cooperation in tackling climate change, even amidst unpopular opinions. The issue of disinformation and its impact on global politics was a key concern, highlighting the role of IT in building trust in the sustainability discussion and managing data for trustworthy AI.  The community we are building at will be central in this with respect to IT’s role.

The Urgency of Collective Action and Regulation

Collective action is required among organizations sharing our narrative. First, there is a need to unite organizations trying to make a difference - and align standards and best practices to collectively make an even larger impact.  Second, there is a pressing need for regulation and community-driven solutions to tackle the environmental and societal impacts of technology, particularly AI.

Data Protection and Governance Required for AI

AI governance and regulation cannot keep pace with its application. IT and the other exec leaders must build guardrails, provide proactive solutions, give guidance, and establish governance as their business races to implement innovative use cases. We need to help them accelerate.

Charting the Path Forward: A Call to Action

The progress we are making here at continues to evolve and transcend expectations. The insights and partnerships forged at the World Economic Forum 2024 reinforce our commitment to driving sustainable change in technology.

I am optimistic this movement will accelerate 10-fold this year. However, when I look around at other businesses - too many of them sit back and do nothing. Many companies use gimmicks to engage their competitors - wasting valuable time and resources that could otherwise be used for good.  We need companies engaged and ready to make an impact - motivated to make the world a better place for future generations. We need transparency, accountability.

We call upon executives, media, and stakeholders to join us in this crucial mission, leveraging the global stage to enact tangible, impactful transformations in the technology sector.  This is no longer someone else’s problem to solve.

Delphix - Thank You for Leading

I am so proud to be co-founder and president of, and CMO of Delphix!  Delphix is building a sustainable future with data as a platform for change.  Their unwavering support and commitment as a founding member to is changing the world.

Stay tuned for more to come as we elevate on the global stage in 2024.

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02-26-2024 09:31:21 AM

This is an evergreen theme.  I recall writing something similar when I worked at Delphix ten years ago.  Hope it helps!